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It can be challenging to please customers who have recently faced the loss or damage of their property, but fast action and precision is key to making sure they iron out the issues all together, resulting in complete satisfaction. Most companies need some help balancing their pile of customer cases. That’s why it’s important to partner with an insurance company adjuster who understands the importance of prompt, efficient adjustments. All these issues and more are discussed here at Adjuster Talk's Podcast with industry leaders.

Oct 1, 2020



John Bachmann is a claims leader in the insurance industry and considers himself as an ‘insurance nerd’ and a “Claims Guy.” He is also the co-author of the Adjuster's Resume Playbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Insurance Adjuster Resume, where he wrote about how adjusters can improve their resumes and boost their acceptance rate. John has almost a decade of experience working in the adjusting industry where he also served as a mentor and professional coach for other claims adjusters.


In today’s episode, my friend Chris Stanley interviews John to discuss why adjusters would benefit from having an up-to-date resume. He describes what a resume should be and what information it’s supposed to contain from the viewpoint of an adjuster. He discusses how resumes are handled today and the various automated processes yours go through upon submission. John also explains why some of the most important adjusting skills can be learned in other professions.




"A resume is an advertisement of you: your story, what brought you where you are today, and why you want whatever job you're handing that resume for." - John Bachmann




This week on Adjuster Talk:


  • When a good resume is great for all adjusters.
  • Why adjusters still need to update their resumes.
  • What John believes a resume is supposed to be.
  • How you can increase your resume's ability to attract employers.
  • The keywords you need to include in your resume.
  • The automated systems that your resume goes through upon submission.
  • The adjusting skills you learn from non-adjusting jobs.
  • Incorporating communication and integrity in your profession.



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