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It can be challenging to please customers who have recently faced the loss or damage of their property, but fast action and precision is key to making sure they iron out the issues all together, resulting in complete satisfaction. Most companies need some help balancing their pile of customer cases. That’s why it’s important to partner with an insurance company adjuster who understands the importance of prompt, efficient adjustments. All these issues and more are discussed here at Adjuster Talk's Podcast with industry leaders.

Sep 12, 2019


Westin Vance was once part of the Royal Adjusting Services team. He earned his adjuster license just before Hurricane Harvey devastated homes all over the country. Before he became an adjuster, Westin was busying himself working for a law firm as he prepared for law school himself. It didn’t take long before Westin realized being a lawyer wasn’t for him. He has since begun to train his body with Jiu-Jitsu and his mind with business strategies and independent adjuster knowledge.


Westin joins me today to share his life after he parted ways with Royal Adjust Services and the lessons he’s learned when it comes to building authentic relationships. He explains why chasing money is not the only way to be successful in an industry. He also discusses the time he worked with me at my company, the wisdom he gathered, and what made him eventually go his own way.




“Money is just a side effect of effort.” - Westin Vance




This week on Adjuster Talk:


  • The events that transpired after Westin started working with Royal.
  • What his life was like before he planned on becoming an adjuster.
  • The milestones he achieved thanks to being an adjuster.
  • Why focusing on the money is not going to make you successful.
  • How my company thrived when Westin was still part of it.
  • Forming relationships in any industry and how it paves the way for success.





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