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Adjuster Talk's Podcast

It can be challenging to please customers who have recently faced the loss or damage of their property, but fast action and precision is key to making sure they iron out the issues all together, resulting in complete satisfaction. Most companies need some help balancing their pile of customer cases. That’s why it’s important to partner with an insurance company adjuster who understands the importance of prompt, efficient adjustments. All these issues and more are discussed here at Adjuster Talk's Podcast with industry leaders.

Aug 9, 2018

Aaron Berkowitz joins me once again on today’s episode of Adjuster Talk to share his insight, knowledge, and experience of working as an independent claims adjuster. On today’s episode, he shares tips on working with claims managers and what your goals as an adjuster should be – beyond the money.

He also shares one of his earliest, and worst experiences as a claims adjuster just starting in the field and the lessons he has learned along the way to make his business successful and profitable.


“The smart adjuster doesn’t put pressure on their claims manager.” – Aaron Berkowitz


In This Episode of Adjuster Talk:

  • Working with claims managers
  • Evaluating expenses
  • The pros and cons of being a firm owner
  • What your “end-game” goals should really be as an adjuster
  • Aaron’s definition of “hard work”



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