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It can be challenging to please customers who have recently faced the loss or damage of their property, but fast action and precision is key to making sure they iron out the issues all together, resulting in complete satisfaction. Most companies need some help balancing their pile of customer cases. That’s why it’s important to partner with an insurance company adjuster who understands the importance of prompt, efficient adjustments. All these issues and more are discussed here at Adjuster Talk's Podcast with industry leaders.

Aug 31, 2017

AT028 Hurricane Harvey Update and Tips for New Adjusters


We are nearly a week into the destruction caused by the CAT5 hurricane - Hurricane Harvey - that impacted residents throughout Texas this month. The catastrophe and destruction caused by the hurricane has significantly impacted millions of people, causing wind and water damage across millions of homes.


On today’s episode, I’m sharing an update regarding Hurricane Harvey and the devastation it has left in its wake. I’ll share my predictions on how this storm will impact the insurance adjusting industry overall as well as tips for new adjusters working in the field. I’ll also share strategies to help you settle your first Hurricane Harvey claim, ways to stay organized and productive, and the importance of being empathetic and doing your part to help those affected by the storm - even if you haven’t been deployed yet.


“Start dissecting your claims early.” - Jason Heenan


In This Episode of Adjuster Talk:


  • An update on Hurricane Harvey.
  • How we prepared for the mega-storm.
  • Why new adjusters should lean on their support system while in the field.
  • The importance of conducting follow-up phone calls with the insurers.
  • Tips for closing your first claim during Hurricane Harvey.
  • Avoiding the “snowball effect” that often leads new adjusters to quit.
  • Creating a checklist of what you need to do for each claim to stay productive and organized.
  • The importance of avoiding overscheduling claims.
  • The importance of understanding insurance policies.
  • The impact of showing homeowners the photos you took while onsite.
  • The importance of showing empathy to homeowners and how you can lend support even if you’re not deployed.


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