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Adjuster Talk's Podcast

It can be challenging to please customers who have recently faced the loss or damage of their property, but fast action and precision is key to making sure they iron out the issues all together, resulting in complete satisfaction. Most companies need some help balancing their pile of customer cases. That’s why it’s important to partner with an insurance company adjuster who understands the importance of prompt, efficient adjustments. All these issues and more are discussed here at Adjuster Talk's Podcast with industry leaders.

Sep 7, 2017

On this episode of Adjuster Talk, I’m joined – once again – by the independent adjuster and master of networking, Chris Cleveland. Today, we discuss the hard lessons we have learned throughout our careers as independent property insurance adjusters and the importance of building and maintaining your network to grow your business and increase your revenue.

Chris shares his insight and tips on how to maintain communication throughout a claim and why it’s so important. He also explains why it’s critical for new adjusters to conduct their own research instead of relying on groups and message boards online to ask basic questions as well as how to avoid burning out early in your career.


“One of the key traits of a good adjuster is research and figuring things out.” – Chris Cleveland



In This Episode of Adjuster Talk:

  • The average yearly income of the Top 20% of independent insurance adjusters working on daily claims from home
  • Lessons learned the hard way
  • How to avoid burn out
  • The dangers of stacking claims
  • Why the first ten days after an event are critical



Chris Cleveland’s Tips for New Property Insurance Adjusters:

  • Never over promise then under deliver
  • Maintain good communication skills
  • Conduct your own research
  • Network, network, network



Chris Cleveland’s Words of Wisdom:

Get out there. Be persistent. Make money. Pay attention to the weather. As soon as a storm hits, start being a squeaky wheel.


Connect with Chris Cleveland:

  • Chris Cleveland on Facebook
  • Adjuster Central on Facebook



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